About Rodney Dean 


Rodney Dean is one of the most talented impressionists in the industry. Born in 1968 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Rodney has done everything from live stand-up performances to voiceover productions. His highly creative nature has won him critical acclaim both in the advertising and entertainment industries. Although his talents are spread world wide, if you live in Canada, chances are you've heard him on the radio, seen a live performance, or caught him on the internet. Back in 2001 Rodney took his oddball humor, and merged it with his voice impressions to create his debut CD "The Voices in My Head".

Rodney currently resides in Edmonton with his wife and two daughters. He stays active playing men's hockey year round, and some of his favorite passions include music, sports and yes... impressions! Rodney has been doing "voices" practically all of his life, his earliest recorded compilation was in 1987. From answering machine messages to funny songs to commercials, Rodney does it all from his home studio. Rodney is also a writer, and a freelance advertising expert. Rodney has worked in the radio industry since Aug, 2000, and holds a CRM designation with the Radio Marketing Bureau Inc.

There are dozens of impressions Rodney can do from cartoon characters to celebrities and more. Please feel free to send an email to challenge Rodney to do a special voice for your production.



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